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Still need answers to some of your questions? Here you'll find a list of the most common questions we receive about cryotherapy and it's benefits.

How does whole body Cryotherapy work?

Whole body cryotherapy safely lowers your skin temperature for a period of up to three minutes.  Stepping into a CRYO Sauna, your body is briefly enveloped with extremely cold air, with temperatures ranging between -140°C and -180°C. When you step out of the °CRYO Sauna, your skin temperature returns to normal levels.

What is a CRYO Sauna?

A °CRYO Sauna is a metal chamber that is open on the top and equipped with a door and a platform that adjusts to your height. The sauna uses cryogenically cooled air to create icy cold air that quickly lowers your skin’s temperature in less than 60 seconds. For the three minutes you slowly turn while in the cabin so that the subzero air evenly envelops your body.

Is cryotherapy dangerous?

Cryotherapy treatments are not dangerous, the liquid nitrogen that is used as a chilling agent does not come into contact with your skin. A trained operator is always present during the treatment so to control the temperature levels and monitor your comfort.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t do a cryotherapy session?

Anyone who has unmanaged hypertension or a pacemaker, has a history of or is being treated for cancer, has deep vein thrombosis, has a cold allergy, or is pregnant should not use cryotherapy. If you have questions about whether you have any risk, you should first ask your healthcare provider before using a °CRYO Sauna.

Is it comfortable?

Our treatments are limited to three minutes, this gives you the the optimal level of exposure to see maximum impact but also ensures that you are comfortable with the temperature changes. Describing the feeling of a CRYO Sauna treatment is like standing naked in front of a freezer on a hot day.

How long does a Cryotherapy session last?

Most of our treatments last for three minutes, however some of our NormaTec and Facial treatments can last up to 60 minutes depending on your requirements.

I’m claustrophobic. Can I still use the °CRYO Sauna?

Our °CRYO Sauna’s are open at the top and the foot plate height is adjusted to fit the height of the client, your head and neck are always above the opening so that you are not totally enveloped. The °CRYO Sauna is also equipped with a door that is closed but not locked, so you are always in control whilst in the chamber.

What do I wear during my treatment?

Due to the extremely low temperatures that the body is exposed to our clients must wear foot and hand protection, plus either undergarments or a bathing suit to protect intimate body parts. All other clothing is removed, leaving the cooling air to penetrate the skin.

Do I shower before or after my treatment?

Neither is necessary, our treatments are completely dry. However, many of our clients use °CRYO after a workout, which could be before they shower or after they shower.

How soon after my treatment can I expect results?

Results can vary dependent on the individual and °CRYO can not guarantee that any of our clients will see specific results, however we can tell you that you’ll likely feel great right away because after completing your first treatment. Usually our clients experience a release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevator, a lift that can last for several hours. Depending on your physical condition, you may feel immediate relief from joint and muscle pain, improved energy, and increased flexibility that can last for several hours or even days.
*Results may vary based on the individual

Is one CRYO treatment enough?

Whilst every CRYO session can be beneficial, we recommend our clients consider one of our packages containing 10-20 sessions over the course of a month. As a maintenance program, we suggest that the series be repeated every three months. Professional athletes will often have up to two sessions a day to help achieve peak performance.

How does °CRYO Glow Facial work?

CRYO Glow Facials use similar technology to WBC. Applications of cold temperatures to the surface of the face are however a lot more relaxing. °CRYO Glow Facials help to close the pores on our face and in the process can tighten the skin. During a treatment the surface temperature of your skin will drop to around 7-8 degrees celsius, a process that in some cases increases the production of healthy collagen. The application of the °CRYO Glow Facial takes around 10 minutes.

*Results may vary based on the individual.

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