Cryotherapy for Dry Skin

Our °CRYO Facial Treatments can be designed to reduce dryness or eczema in your skin and help moisturise it from the core.  

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Cryotherapy for dry skin can help fight against symptoms such as itchiness, flakes, cracks, and overall dryness of the skin. Cryotherapy is used for beauty treatments to stimulate collagen production in the skin, increase blood circulation, and serves as an anti-aging treatment to help your skin stay smooth, young, and moisturised.

*results may vary based on the individual

Reduce Fine Lines

Smooth complexion and reduce acne

Oxygenate Your skin

Reduce the signs of scarring

Beat Blackheads

Fight blackheads and soothe skin

Target Sun Spots

Tackle impurities and sun damage

Get more from your beauty treatments

Add cryotherapy to your beauty therapy routine today!

*results may vary based on the individual

I have always suffered from dry skin, especially during the summer when the weather gets so hot. The cryotherapy for dry skin treatment not only helped me cool down, but it also really moisturised my skin. My skin feels so much better now.

Tanya, Air Hostess

*Results may vary based on the individual

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