Cryotherapy Sessions in Los Angeles

Submerge yourself in temperatures of up to -365°F.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

An innovative and quick full-body session exposing the body to extreme temperatures of -240°F to -300°F in order to promote the multiple benefits of cryotherapy which include natural health, fitness, weight loss, recovery, as well as beauty although results may vary based on the individual. Cryotherapy works naturally with your body’s own physiology and can be a great addition to a daily or weekly routine.

  • 5 Pack
  • $200

    $40 per session SAVE $50
  • 10 Pack
  • $350

    $35 per session SAVE $150
  • 20 Pack
  • $600

    $30 per session SAVE $400

°CRYO Stay Young Club

Take advantage of our Whole Body Cryotherapy for as many times a month as you want. The same great benefits as before, just more of them. The °CRYO STAY YOUNG Club Membership is a 3 month minimum with no rollover. It includes 10% off all products and apparel!

  • Monthly Membership
  • $275

    1 session per day

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