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Treat injuries or cellulite with localised cryotherapy.

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Localised Cryotherapy

Our localised cryotherapy treatments can be used to recover from injuries quicker or help manage pain. They can also be used as part of our cellulite reduction plan to tighten the skin in problem areas.

Localised cryotherapy is the application of cryogenically cooled air to specific parts of the body. It can be used to alleviate pain, inflammation and speed up recovery from injuries through cryogenically cooled air penetrating deeper into the layers of tissue and increasing blood circulation.
When exposed to extreme temperatures, fluids that bind fat cells together crystallize, destroying the cells and the bonds that hold the fatty deposits. After several °CRYO sessions, the upper ranges of fat are destroyed and exit the body through the blood stream with the help of the lymphatic system, eliminating both toxins and fat, and thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.


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