Cryotherapy for Athletic Recovery

Cryotherapy is the next generation recovery partner, allowing you to train harder for longer.

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Athletes of all disciplines are now turning to cryotherapy for recovery to help them perform better. With cryotherapy, you can train harder, longer, and recover quicker to help you achieve maximum results from your workouts. During a Whole Body cryotherapy session, as temperatures rapidly cool, oxygen is pushed through the body to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and recover the muscles.

*Results may vary based on the individual

Fatigue Resistance

Train your muscles to delay the onset of fatigue

Reduced Swelling

Reduce the swelling of muscles post-exercise

Joint Strength

Cooling air targets the joints reducing inflammation

Injury Treatment

Cryotherapy helps boost recovery of injuries

Boost your athletic recovery today

Add cryotherapy to your recovery routine today!

*Results may vary dependent on the individual

With multiple cryotherapy for recovery sessions, you can train your muscles to delay the onset of fatigue, helping you improve your performance whenever you exercise.

My orthopaedic doctor recommended cryotherapy to me as I suffer from Achilles tendonitis and being a triathlete I need to work out regularly. I found that cryotherapy combined with physiotherapy helped me perform at peak performance.


*Results may vary based on the individual

I suffer from severe back pain and was not able to find a solution. My doctor recommended cryotherapy and I have been following a weekly program. The results are amazing! You can feel the results immediately and my back feels so much better now that I regularly use °CRYO.


*Results may vary based on the individual

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