Freeze the world with °CRYO

Cryotherapy is one of the fastest growing sectors within the health & beauty industry, such substantial growth provides excellent opportunities for franchising, allowing you to start your own cryotherapy franchise.


Starting your own cryotherapy franchise couldn't be easier. We have a team of specialists trained in all areas of franchising and specialising in °CRYO. Our architects will help to design your °CRYO space for maximum effectiveness, carefully consider aesthetics alongside treatment space whilst our engineers and technicians will install, test and prepare all of the Cryotherapy Equipment ready for your first customers.

Architecture & Design

Our team of architects will design your °CRYO space for maximum effectiveness, while carefully considering aesthetics alongside treatment space. They will manage the interior and exterior design, layout, and furniture details of the cryotherapy centre.

Machinery & Equipment

Our team of engineers and technicians will equip your establishment with top-of-the line °CRYO Science equipment, manufactured in Europe. The team will install, test, and prepare all of the equipment so that you can deliver safe, effective, and efficient therapies to your clients.

Installation & Training

°CRYO will provide you with all organisational, administrational, and operational recommendations, and will also handle the training of your staff so your business can operate at the highest level of excellence. They will provide you with a set of operating manuals, which contain all the information and requirements for running the establishment as well as copyrights for the Trade Name, Trademarks, and System.

Marketing Support

Our world-class Marketing Team, equipped with over 20 years of sector and industry experience, will provide continuous support and guidance on all of your marketing and strategic needs. You will be provided with monthly marketing plans, based on the key learnings and experience we have from °CRYO, that are tried and tested solutions proven to grow your cryotherapy business, customised for your region and consumer profile.

Enquire about a °CRYO Franchise

If you would like to speak to us about a possible franchise in your location, please fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss the options for starting your very own °CRYO Franchise.

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